Day Hospice

Patients usually attend Day Hospice for one or two days a week, so in addition to their care in the community they can benefit from all hospice services.

Day hospice operates every week day, with the focus on Wednesdays for patients with long-term conditions in various activities if they wish.

Day hospice can provide a well-earned break for the carer.

For those attending day hospice, there is much more on offer than medical and nursing support.

Hospice patients can participate in a wide range of activities if they wish to do so.

With guidance and support from the Activities Co-ordinator and team of voluntary staff, our patients continue to develop their arts and crafts skills and produce excellent pieces of work.

On-going projects give patients encouragement and motivation, and a well deserved pride in their achievements.

A team of voluntary staff support the day hospice team, working with patients producing art and crafts or in a befriending role.

Vlounteers at the hospice with craft items
Fish pond at the hospice
Bug hotel in the hospice gardens